This is the second offering from Bobby Wayne on Bonedog records. No artificial instrumentation was used at any point of the recording. The horns & strings are REAL! Bobby is a well traveled veteran of the soul scene. His 1970 Atlantic records release “Heart Of A Poor Man” b/w “Make Me Yours” is a highly desireable record of soul collectors.



Sublime. Magnificent. Dazzling. (add superlative here). A few words to describe Bobby Wayne’s supremely soulful “Hit That Thing!” (*****). A friend of mine and fellow critic told me to get a copy of this disc all the while praising it with nearly blithe drool and I’m now quite grateful (we Deep Soul/Blues geeks are a verbose bunch when we find a diamond). 100% organic backing. Tasteful female backups, organ, majestic horns, flawless rhythm and gritty vocals on 13 great tunes equals buy-it-now-or-forfeit-your-soul. Nearly every track is a standout but a few shall get special mention. Mike Sweeney’s moving “Homestead Greys” is a tribute to the perseverance of a “Negro League” baseball team before Jackie broke the color line. Atop a lilting piano n’ bass platform Wayne earnestly intones: “They hit a ball 500 feet past a place they couldn’t eat and hotels they couldn’t stay. Through it all they played with pride. Kept the bitterness inside in the days of the Homestead Greys.” Sweeney provides another brilliant stroke with “On The Drift”, a retro-60s Soul coaster replete with harmonica, chiming guitar, Hammond B-3 and a restrained vocal from Wayne. Both these cuts are the sit back and pay attention sort. More top shelf originals come from other members of the “Mojo Boneyard” (Jeff Ingersoll, Jim Britton & Wayne, given name Wayne Boykin) such as the sprite “Life Of The Party, funky “Hit That Thing” and Jazzy “Time”. On the lattertracks saxwork by Bobby Jones Jr., Chris Hemmingway and Robbie Klein must be praised. While mostly originals there’s also superb covers of the Fantastic Four’s “Can’t Stop Looking For My Baby”, Rance Allen Group’s “Ain’t No Use In Crying” and The Masqueraders’ “This House Is Haunted”. Head over to and and drop a few bones on this disc or that popcorn guy’s name isn’t Orvelle Redd…

Dylann DeAnna / Blues Critic / 2005-2006 /

Audio Samples: Hit That Thing:


Life of The Party:


Homestead Greys:


Track Listing:
  1. Dig yourself
  2. Hit That Thing
  3. Ain't No Need of Crying
  4. On The Drift
  5. Life of The Party
  6. Chained To A Rock
  7. Homestead Greys
  8. Time
  9. Finders Keepers
  10. Can't Stop Looking For My Baby
  11. This House Is Haunted
  12. Goodness of Love
  13. Whisper Away