Review: Bobby Wayne “Soul Station” (**** 1/2). mu legend redzen online I’ve been looking forward to the new Bobby Wayne ever since I first listened to his ridiculously good last disc “Hit That Thang!”. That masterpiece would be hard to duplicate in terms of song, sound and soul and while “Soul Station” isn’t a duplicate, it’s simply splendid and an essential purchase for fans of real Soul Blues by a great excess. Even with a street date of January 1 2008 it will endure as one of the best of the year. That locomotive bass, smacking drums, blaring horns and Bobby’s unassuming voice on the title track (and opener) instantly brought a smile to my face. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling Stax Records lives. Lyrically fitting, the song is an ode to his oldtime soul radio (9-Volt) airing DJ “John R’s” picks on WLAC. The hook: “soul station/southern R & B/soul station/that was for me!”. There you have it. Can I get an Amen? It’s one of eight cuts penned by guitarist Mike Sweeney, who offers up another heavy bottomed Soul Blues thumper with “Leaving Signs”, my pick for radio for sure. Of course on my Internet radio stations I’ve also been playing the hook-filled floater “This Amazing Thing”, the Northern Soul roller “Knowing You’ve Been Loved” and knockout slowie “Right About The Rain”. I should also mention this would serve as one hella good party disc with funky ass Rhythm & Blues jams like “Diggin’ What You Do To Me” and jumpers like “Soul’s Got A Sound”. To sum up “Soul Station” for you in two words: TUNE IN.

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