Eugene Morgan has an earthy Blues voice similar to Cash McCall and plays dem N’awlins-style Blues on “Count On Me” (*** 1/2). But the opening “Crosstie Cutter” is a Soul/Blues knockout with Morgan’s Albert King-blessed guitar licks, forceful horns and chanka-lanka rhythm guitar. It was composed by Mike Sweeney but Morgan himself penned seven of the 14(!) tracks with expert production courtesy of the Mojo Boneyard, the staff of Boneyard Records. Great playing exemplifies “Gonna Tell You”, featuring a greasy Hammond B-3 solo from Fred Delu and a back-of-the-throat growl from Morgan. There’s great covers of Al Reed’s funky “99 & 44/100 Pure Love”, an obvious cousin to Wilson Pickett’s “Ninety-Nine & A Half”, and Ike Turner’s “She Made My Blood Run Cold”. This disc was released in 2001 and has lived in relative obscurity but those who get hip to it’s charms will thank me.

Dylann DeAnna / Blues Critic / 2005-2006 /

Audio Samples: Crosstie Cutter:


Your VooDoo Working:


By The Hand:


Track Listing:
  1. Crosstie Cutter
  2. Hard On Me
  3. Count On Me
  4. Gonna Tell You
  5. 99&44/100% Pure Love
  6. Bye Bye Baby
  7. Sugar Momma
  8. Backroom
  9. Houndog Blues
  10. Raining In My Heart
  11. Your VooDoo Working
  12. Do You Know What Love Is
  13. By The Hand
  14. She Made My Blood Run Cold