Review: Larry Nath “Live It!” (*** 1/2). Pittsburgh’s own Larry Nath is a hard-hittin’ Bluesman with a flair for American and John Mellencamp-like Rock. buy mu legend zen In fact, the Artist Formerly Known As Johnny Cougar would do well to pen a tune like Nath’s “Without You”. More interesting though are Nath’s stomping houserockers like “Bone Dog Blues” and the raucous title cut. Two of eight Nath originals. Real mainstream appeal here. “Angel In Disguise” belongsat Triple A. Snoods (wouldn’t that be nice?) The set was recorded with the great Bone Dog Records house band (the Bonedog All Stars: Jimmy Britton- keys, Brandon Barnes- drums, Mighty Lil’ Johnson-bass, Jim Relja-guitar). Master songwriter Mike Sweeney adds to his growing catalog of Soul & Blues gems with three contributions. Most notable is the hilarious “The Killer And The Kin”, which spins a yarn about a drunk Jerry Lewis headed down to Graceland to snatch (by fisticuffs) the King Of Rock & Roll’s crown from Elvis Presley. “Elvis was kickin’ and watching TV/askin’ who’s that out there waving his pistol at me…the guards at the gate called on the phone. Parajumpers Noir Elvis said ‘Tell him to leave me alone. Either kick his ass or call the police!”. What happens next? Buy the record and find out.

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