Bonedog Records is proud to announce the release “One Of These Days” a new CD by the R&B icon Piney Brown. Piney’s recording career began in 1947. Over a seven decade span he has been held in the same reverence as other “Big Voice” R&B singers such as Big Joe Turner, Wynonie Harris and Roy Brown among others .The eighty four year old entertainer is also featuring his BMI award winning song writing talents on the disc, penning eleven of the disc’s twelve tracks. This Cd establishes Piney as one of America’s great national treasures.   Reviews: Octogenarians like Pinetop Perkins, B.B. King & Piney Brown never get old and apparently never shake the Blues. Brown made his mark in the 40s with hootin’ & hollerin’ Jump Blues and kept pace with changing styles through the 60s and 70s but, after all but retiring, staged a comeback in 2000 with the Bonegog Records release “My Task”. Six years later we have the solid “One Of These Days” (***), consisting of eleven Brown originals and two sturdy covers. Not to take anything away from Brown but producer Jeff Ingersoll and his roster of dynamite musicians could make anybody sound good. Fabulous horns, tight rhythm sections and great studio sound typify the label’s output. That said Brown’s cache of cuts would still hold up on it’s own. Afterall they are updates of his best material written throughout his career. His “Just A Little Bit” has been covered a bazillion times. The most recent “Ain’t It A Shame” dates to the early 80s and is even more apt today. Although lacking specifics he sings: “Ain’t it a shame it gives me aches and pains. Ain’t it a shame when someone up and lie to you. They say you owe taxes to the country. You’re living here with all it’s liberties. They say you don’t have a doggone thing to worry about it. All you gotta do is put your trust in me. They’re lying to you!”. You fill in the blanks. “Kokomo”, “Talking About You” & “In The Evening With The Sun Goes Down” came from the early 50s while the title cut first appeared originally on Sound Stage Seven Records in 1969. Whatever case the full sound here renders the early stuff obsolete to my ears. adidas alphabounce Bonedog is now four for four in my book. Dylann DeAnna / Blues Critic / 2005-2006 /   Piney Brown first recorded, with his Rhythm & Blues Band, in 1947 on Esquire/Miracle Records – the band featuring the great Eddie Chamblee and Sonny Thompson. Amazingly,nearly sixty years and seven decades later, Piney is still singing/shouting the blues withan emotional intensity and vigour that would shame artists forty years his junior. All of the tracks on this set, bar one, are remakes of his own compositions – except for Percy Mayfield’s “Strange Things Are Happening” which is presented as a churning shuffle replete with vibrantly riffing horns and chicken-scratch guitar. In fact Robbie Klein (saxophone) and Dan Donohoe (trumpet) are a crucial element of Brown’s sound – adding a lowdown funky edge to the slow grinding “Kokomo”, which he first recorded for SIW in 1952, whilst moaning salaciously on “(They Call Her) Rosalee” (a 1957 Duke duet by Brooks and Brown), a lowdown gin-house blues that perfectly highlights a man and a voice that were born to sing theblues. jack wolfskin paw hat bere Brown’s voice is capable of conveying a wide range ofemotions. His resonant, deep baritone is steeped in the blues on “Ain’t A Shame”, a hornfired slab of funky R&B enhanced by Jim Britton’s barrelhousing piano– his melancholy vocals are perfectly complemented by baying horns and “in the alley” piano on “In The Evening” – whilst his impassioned delivery adds a brooding intensity to “My Love”,which is mirrored by percolating keyboards. Add in the lowdown funky “She’s Super Bad”– the rollicking New Orleans R&B of “Talkin’ ‘Bout You” – the veiled threat and barely contained menace of “Cream In My Coffee (Sugar In My Tea)” – and “One Of These Days” where he sounds like a rougher hewn Percy Mayfield – and you have a set that is guaranteed to delight all lovers of 50’s blues and R&B. Highly recommended.

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